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Discover the Benefits of Float Therapy

Experience the deep relaxation and healing benefits of float therapy.

Float Therapy: Welcome

What is float therapy?

Float therapy is designed to deeply relax your body and mind. During your session, your body effortlessly floats in a water and Epsom salt mixture that matches your body temperature. The salts in the water of the float tank allow you to completely relax and float with no effort.

What are the benefits to float therapy?

The extreme buoyancy of the water allows your body and mind to experience deep relaxation in an environment without gravity. Through float therapy, you can relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve sleep. Float therapy tends to offer cumulative relief, building with each subsequent session.

What should I expect from my first session?

Your float session will give you access to a private room with a shower, shower amenities, and your floatation tank. After showering, you'll enter the tank and float onto your back. The buoyancy of the water and Epsom salt mixture will allow you to effortlessly float and deeply relax your mind and body. You can adjust the lighting and music to meet your needs, or float in silence. The intercom is in close proximity if you have questions or need assistance at any time.

How should I prepare for my float appointment?

  • You will need to shower prior to entering the tank. A private shower is provided, as well as shower amenities such as shampoo and body wash.

  • Avoid wearing any lotions, conditioner, or perfume prior to entering the float tank.

  • Avoid smoking 45 minutes prior to your appointment, and avoid coloring your hair 10 days prior to your appointment. 

  • For other concerns related to health or physical conditions, please consult with us prior to booking your appointment.

Float Therapy: FAQ

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